Can God tell me who 'The One' is? Pt2

...Christa had got on her phone and had invited the whole campus to this tiny African church and before you knew it the church was full of young doting females who had clearly overdosed on the movie ‘the notebook’ and came not to hear the gospel but to spectate on this real life budding romance of which Steve became a completely oblivious and unsuspecting participant.

The next day, Steve and I met up, not to talk about Christa but to talk about his mission to Nigeria. It wasn’t long before Christa found us. She was clearly smitten by this red head and coupled with the euphoria of knowing the prophecy came to pass verbatim, it was difficult to detect whether she was in love or infatuated and caught up in the moment.

She called me aside to the vending machine panicking, “What should I do?” She asked! My response,

“Talk to him! No offence Christa but you look like a love sick puppy and if you’re not careful you may chase him away before he even knows your name!”

She took my advice and went over. What happened next can only be described in two words ‘oral diarrhoea!’

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