How to overcome the spirit of Jezebel? Part 2


How to overcome the spirit of Jezebel? Part 2

In the last post we were talking about who Jezebel is and who the tolerators are. If you missed it, I recommend you go and read it.

We know that Jezebel controls and manipulates. Just as he did from the beginning, Satan raises fierce opposition against this prophetic generation. The enemy has always tried to silence the prophetic voices of God and to abort intercessory prayer. Once again, her name is Jezebel: a diabolical spiritual force that tries to deceive, stain and destroy the authority of God.

But what are the manifestations of this spirit and who are the perpetrators?

1: - The spirit of Jezebel brings manipulation and control. In 1 Kings 16:31, we read that she was the wife of King Ahab, to whom she completely dominated. He ended up ceding his authority to her (1 Kings 21: 4-16). 2: - The spirit of Jezebel brings Rebellion: It opposes and hates all spiritual authority delegated by God. Jezebel not only manipulated her husband Ahab, she tried to manipulate the prophets too (1 Kings 18: 4-13). 3: - Jezebel had a company of eight hundred and fifty Baal worshipping prophets (1 Kings 18.19) which indicates that the spirit of Jezebel will always come in the company of other evil spirits to execute his diabolical plan against the prophets and ministerial authorities of God. 4: - The spirit of Jezebel threatened everyone who opposed her (1 Kings 19: 1-3). 5: - The spirit of Jezebel sows discouragement and discouragement (1 Kings 19: 4). 6: - This spirit moves together with spirits of seduction (Revelation 2:20).

In the last article we talked about the tolerators and how they are influenced by the spirit of Jezebel; how they hide, are scared and don’t continue with their assignment. But the perpetrators are the opposite. They control, manipulate and make other people hide away. Below are 10 ways of identifying if you or someone else are exhibiting the traits of a perpetrator. 

1. Rebellious: resist authority, and they feel like they are the authority. 2. They are proud and arrogant. 3. Insecure: even though they look secure and confident, they are insecure. They always want to be the centre of attention. 4. Controlling and dominating of everything around them. 5. Blackmails people emotionally . 6. Bring arguments and separation in families. 7. Gives false accusations and discredits the character of leaders. 8. False humility. 9. They capable of appearing spiritual and may even carry great revelation. Speaking all the right words with the wrong heart! 10. Does not produce leaders.

How can I break away from this spirit ?

1. You need to repent for allowing this spirit to influence you and for wanting to control and dominate others. 2. You need to cancel the agreement with the spirit of Jezebel. Take the authority back that you gave to this spirit and surrender to Jesus. 3. Stand firm, stand up and focus on your purpose.

But does the spirit of Jezebel operate only in the church? 

The answer is no. The spirit of Jezebel is called a "governor of darkness." (1 King 16:31) She works in the areas of authority to influence and control it; operating on and against people who are in eminence (in and outside the Church). The spirit of Jezebel influence kings, kingdoms and economies.

It is the prototype of the "political spirit" that seduces leaders to control them. Under her command, other spirits operate; the demons of seduction, promiscuity, adultery, fornication, addiction and alcoholism, etc. They Use sexual debauchery and prostitution to achieve their ends, as well as deception. The spirit of Jezebel represents the political power that uses the powers of Baal (occultism) to obtain and maintain power in the nations.

She also works in parents, children and marriages; for example parents can be controlling and manipulative their children with the statement 'you need to honour me'. Children that control their parents and have authority over them. And in marriages where women or men control their spouse, humiliate, manipulate and use sex as a form of domination. They are under Jezebel’s spirit.

The spirit of Jezebel is among us, in the churches, families and in the society. But, in the midst of this manifestation God is raising a prophetic generation. This generation will carry the spirit of Elijah. It will be anointed so that the Apostolic and Prophetic movement of the last times is manifested; miracle signs, and thus the Kingdom of God is established under its perfect heavenly designs.

I hope you found these two articles helpful. Let me know if you have learnt something new.

Author: Julie Mesa

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