Have you ever felt Stuck?

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Have you ever felt stuck! I mean really stuck!!! There are two kinds of stuck. The stuck where you have no idea what to do and the stuck where you know exactly what to do but you've lost the energy, drive and momentum to do it! The latter being the more torturous and common place of the two. The good news is, if you are stuck, you can come unstuck today by understanding this one word!

" Everything, and I mean everything in the spirit is about momentum"

People who are stuck have simply lost momentum. Momentum is a strength of force gained by motion or by a series of events. When the motion or momentum is gone then we all get stuck. Once we are stuck, we begin to view life backwards. The reason for this, to put it simply, is because we are not moving forwards. We begin to chart our whole lives based on our history and how we got started. The problem is, the further back we go in our minds, we begin to get subjective and critical about our own history, trying to mentally undo the bad choice that we feel got us stuck in the first place. We create these alternative realities with these mental avatars of ourselves, born from our deepest regrets. A regretful marriage, relationship, job, statement, family upbringing,bad choice, broken promise... the list is endless. It is the job of these mental apparitions of ourselves to create phantom choices that we never actually made nor can our apparitions make. Reality always breaks this internal meri-go-round and the end result is always depression. We picture ouselves having chose person A instead of person B, choosing augmented reality A instead of reality B and for a moment we get relief only to be hit by a torrent of our true reality and like a Tsunami it completely eradicates every structure that it isn't stable.

Just how do we get unstuck?

The book of John tells the Story of a man who was crippled and sat at a pool for 38 years waiting for the moving of the waters. It says Jesus seeing that the man had been there a long time said 'sir do you want to get better!? It seems like an aweful question to ask a cripple- "do you actually want to get better?" What an in-politically correct and deeply unpolished statement. in today's age, Jesus would have been shunned by the virtue signalling populous and censored into obscurity. This man started to tell Jesus why he could not get better because no one was there to help him get into the pool.

I observed this man in my mind and whispered to God,

"God! I don't want to be stuck somewhere in my life for 38 years!"

It is possible that a situation that happened in one day can cripple you for 1 year! There is only one thing worse than being stuck for 38 years and it's being stuck for 38 years and one more day! How do you and I un-stick ourselves from situations that hit us hard for one hour but have crippled us for one year, two years and in this man's case, 38 years.

1. I know It sounds harsh but get away from lame people!

Bible says in this lay a multitude of lame people! There's one thing worse than having a lame life and it's surrounding yourself with lame people. Stop making friends, why? Because your friend will determine your end. Choose friends! Get around people that are moving and it will provoke you to move!

2. Get away from your pool

This man's legs weren't crippling him. It was his analysis that led to his paralysis. He was so busy studying what he thought would help him that he couldn't even see Jesus. What's your pool? Is it your family pool, your friendship pool. Your pool will pull you in. Stop waiting for someone else to take responsibility for your movement.

'I can't move, my husband won't let me, my parents won't let me, my boss won't let me.' Stop making excuses and start making ways!

3. Do you want to get better?

Notice, Jesus always asks intelligent questions. He never asked this man to explain what got him bitter but challenged him to get better! History is a reference, not a resource and no matter how much regret you fill your life with it will never get you unstuck so stop it! Stop it now!!!

4. The right wind

Everything responds to the right wind. If you can get the right wind underneath you then you will have momentum. Everything and I mean everything in the spirit is about momentum. The Revelation of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the revelation. Sermons are timeless but revelation has expiration and so delayed or partial obedience to revelation from God is what Gets us stuck. Many people are stuck because they thought too long about obeying what God said to actually obey what God said and are now stuck in delay because they analyzed obedience. The good news is that if you wait long enough God will send another wind. The bad news is that if you rehearse disobedience long enough it becomes a pathology and fear gets all the blame for it. Yes it takes courage to obey God but believe me when I say, it's better to stick with God than to get stuck in life!

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